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Here's how the Divided by Twelve service works​

​Say for example, the charge for weekly service for a certain yard is $25 per week. From March to November I make 40 visits for a total of $1000. From December to February I make 6 visits for a total of $150. The charge for fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicide, and weed controllers for the year would be $50. This totals $1200 for the year. When you divide the total by twelve months you get 12 equal payments of $100.  

D.B.T. Service
The main service that I provide is what I call my D.B.T. service which stands for- Divided By Twelve. This service allows you to have an equal payment without paying for services you don't receive. Please read below for more details

I would like to thank you for visiting this site. I want you to know that if you decide to hire me I will do my best to make sure that you are happy with the service I provide. I value you as a customer and I appreciate your business.


Benefits of Divided by Twelve Service

Pay the same bill all year-12 months. Your bill is an average for the year. You don’t pay more during the busier parts of the year and you don’t pay less during the slower part of the year.

Your bill is the same even when your day for service happens five times in a month.

The cost of all chemicals is built into the price. You don't pay more if there is a need for more of the higher priced weed controllers.

Price lock- the price of your service is guaranteed not to be raised for one year starting on the next March 1st.

Irrigation system repairs done for the cost of parts. Labor is included in your regular payment.

I have found that dividing the cost of service evenly over the twelve months works out well for both you the customer and for me the service provider.

It is my goal to build long term relationships with my customers. I hope that you will see the value in my services.

Example- $25 per week

40 visits @ $25 =           $1000.00

6 visits @ $25 =              $150.00

Fertilizer and
Chemicals                        $50.00
Yearly total                  $1200.00

Divide yearly total into 
12 equal payments = $100 per mo.